Drinking traditional Turkish Tea with Turkish tea cup and copper tea pot.

Yerba Mate known as “Tea of the Gods”

A wonderful start to the year, packed with changes and new beginnings for many people I know, myself included. Many new seeds have been planted and this year marks the ploughing and labouring of all those sowed seeds to grow into blossoming new creations and visions.

This is year I will be bringing you a feature on a particular tea each month, and the aim, to also eventually increase the range of teas and blends. It’s hoped that the knowledge into the properties and benefits of different teas will help you continue to make your art of drinking tea, the noble herb, a part of your health and wellness pleasures.

This month the first tea on the rank is the amazing Yerba Mate “Tea of the Gods”. Yerba mate is a tea that has been known to offer the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate“. An amazing all-rounder magical tea from South America packed with vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and amino acids, it contains less caffeine than coffee so doesn’t cause the jittery highs, but as a gentle stimulant in the fulfilment as an immuno stimulant and digestion tonic.

Packed with the usual antioxidants, it’s also been known to help with weight loss and depression or fatigue. However any therapeutic claims or effects of teas are only complementary to an already healthy lifestyle.

At Tuwawi Tea we’ve blended Yerba Mate into the Fortitude and Restoration Blend for added synergistic power. Fortitude Blend is excellent for times when you need to focus, to hold it together and expend all your energies into getting the deadline met, projects accomplished and exams pushed through. Restoration Blend is a popular favourite among tea lovers, as it restores and replenishes life’s normal wear and tear. Even more with added stresses of life’s curve balls.

Fortitude‘s blend of organic Black Mentha with Yerba Mate centres the breath as the anchor that holds through the storm, while the African Red Rooibos rich in polyphenols provide the therapeutic strength for the immune system to stay empowered through testing times.

Restoration‘s blend of organic Chai with all its warm and fiery spices, along with African Red Rooibos’ immune strengthening properties replenishes and refills the body, mind and spirit that’s drained and running on empty. Which is often us more than not.

Traditionally in native South America Yerba Mate is drunk through brewing it in a gourd, then mixed properly and carefully and drunk through a native straw called a bombilla. It’s benefits have been expounded and handed down since ancient times. Now in modern days, it’s widely enjoyed in the United States and many countries in the Middle East.

Drinking Yerba Mate just by itself in its pure tea form may be an acquired taste for some, but in a synergistic blend, its flavours and therapeutic properties are further tripled  and quadrupled in effects.

So if you haven’t explored this tea either by itself, or in a delicious blend, now is the time to introduce it to your tastebuds and enjoy its exhilarating effects.

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Disclaimer: Tuwawi Tea does not claim or guarantee curative effects of tea blends. Teas are powerful herbs but only a complement to your health as part of your overall healthy lifestyle.


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