Year 2020 is the Year of Plenty!

I can’t take the credit for the title of this blogpost. A lovely tea customer, Elizabeth who came into Tiny Tea Shop today, said this “Year 2020 is the Year of Plenty!” and I loved it! What do you think?

Apart from the fact that it rhymes, what does Plenty mean for you?
Plenty of rest, love, success, peace, connections, adventures? Teas? the list is endless!
Would love to hear your thoughts on what it means to you, if it means anything to you. Pen a word or two in the comments box below, or in Tiny Tea Shop’s social media pages.

In line with plenty of change and betterment, I’d just like jog you a reminder, as you set off on your auspicious year of 2020. Life is a series of give and take. Not just physical or financial, but mental and emotional as well. Some observations on certain human behaviour and personalities:

  1. People who give only with the expectations and demand to be given back the same or more, in return. This year, be plenty more authentic, and be with those who are authentic.
  2. People who continuously give without expecting anything in return, often they may also give to attain approval or love (even if unaware). This year, be plenty more aware, create and maintain your boundaries. Or else, you’ll be sucked dry, again. Also, learn to receive.
  3. People who continuously take. They seem to hold the ingrained attitude that others and life in general, owe them a living. This year, try to be less of a @#*head, practice plenty more kindness, compassion and giving back.

So which one are you? Which ones are the people you allow in your life?
Let’s make the start of this new decade a year of plenty rebalancing, recalibrating and learning, simply with greater awareness and wisdom!

Stopping for your cup or brew of tea does make you pause, breathe and regroup. All in the natural flow toward its own rebalancing, every day and every year. Best wishes to you, beautiful tea lovers!

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