Vegetarian Asian Dumplings

This week’s recipe and wholesome, fun and simple cook-up is Vegetarian Asian Dumplings.¬†Even though I love Asian cuisines, I’ve always found it tricky when dining out because meats are a main ingredient in a majority of traditional Asian dishes. My daughters and I, who are vegetarians have found we haven’t been able to enjoy the lovely weekend brunch of “dim sum” which if you’re unfamiliar, is a kind of Chinese tapas. Hot, freshly cooked, straight out of the kitchen in small portions for you to pick from, all served in small bamboo steamers from trolleys that come by your table. Traditionally it has always been part of a lovely celebration with family and friends get-togethers, especially for a weekend brunch. Most dumplings served at restaurants and Asian cafes contain fillings of pork, chicken or seafoods.

So one Christmas we decided to whip up our own versions of dumplings, vego style! I usually keep life simple by picking up asian dumpling/gyoza (Japanese dumplings) wrappers from the freezer sections at Asian supermarkets, instead of making them from scratch. They’re an ideal texture and comes in packs of 30 or 50. They turned out absolutely delicious, but apart from fulfilling our tastebuds and tummies, the making of the dumplings turned out to be an amazingly social and relaxing experience. We found ourselves chatting and laughing as we experimented with different folding techniques and caught up about our latest life stories. So I decided to start the tradition of making a serving of Asian dumplings to go with whatever we have for Christmas every year… and while in the fun of making them, also place our thoughts and intentions into the dumplings for the upcoming new year!

These dumplings may be served as finger foods, snacks, or as a main meal accompanying other dishes. You may add meat to the ingredients if that is preferred, or use a variety of other vegetables. Dumplings taste delicious dipped in a sweet ginger and garlic vinaigrette sauce.

Vegetarian Asian Dumplings


500g pre soaked raw cashews (soak overnight)
3 cloves garlic
1 medium onion
3-4 stalks shallots/spring onions
drizzles of black sesame oil
himalayan salt and black pepper
1 pkt of gyoza/asian dumpling wrappers (30-50 sheets)

Put all ingredients into a food processor and blend them to mix well, into a rough texture. Add sesame oil and salt and pepper and stir in well. Proceed to make dumplings, techniques are shown in the youtube video by clicking this link here or the image below.
When dumplings are done they are cooked in the frypan with a techniques that’s half panfried half steamed. Panfried to brown and soak in the flavour of hot sesame oil and then covered to steam cook with a little bit of water for 1-2 minutes. Watch the pan doesn’t dry up and burn.

  • Other vegetables that may be used: mushrooms, bamboo shoots, zucchini.
  • Other filling base that may be used: pre soaked chick peas

Dipping Sauce

1 clove garlic (finely chopped)
1 cm slice of ginger (finely chopped)
1 medium fresh chilli (finely chopped)
2 tbsn sesame oil
3 tbsn apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp raw honey

Combine all ingredients in a small sauce bowl and stir to mix well or in a small jar with lid and shake them up to mix well, then serve in sauce bowl.

Asian Dumplings go really well with a fresh brew of green tea. Green tea compliments any Asian dish as its lightness enhances the exotic tastes of eastern flavours. Our very own organic Oz Green Tea with Lemon Myrtle measures up to superior standard, if not even better than any Asian green tea variety, especially to go with this dish. So try it!
Then let me know in the comments box below how you went!

Now click on image below and join me in making some dumplings!


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