Tiny Tea Shop Online Store Opening

Heya beautiful tea lovers! It’s finally here, the long awaited Tiny Tea Shop Online Store opening! Welcome! 

Tiny Tea Shop evolved from my original online store Tuwawi Tea, which I created two years prior to opening this teashop in Nannup. It is now a quaint, one-of-a-kind, stone cottage shopfront in a small beautiful country town in the southwest of WA. Nannup is a Noongar Aboriginal word meaning stopping place, meeting place, place of parrots. A perfect fit! 

Since opening it’s doors on the 8th June 2018, it has been slowly but consistently growing in strength and popularity, simply because real tea lovers and tea drinkers yearn for a quality and signature loose leaf tea shop. Tiny Tea Shop is that haven created for you, a true tea lover!

Why an Online Store? 

Hundreds and thousands of tea lovers like yourself, that have been to my little teashop in Nannup from various parts of the state, interstate and the world have asked: “How can we get more of your teas, if we can’t physically drive across to you?  Can you come to our city and open a shop like this?” 

Thank you! It’s awesome that you love the shop and the teas. I can’t afford to open a shop in every town but with the brilliance of modern technology, I can create an online store so that with just a few clicks, your favourite teas and blends can get delivered right to your door step. 

A digital store involves just as much work as running a brick and mortar shop front but we finally did it! It’s on, it’s live. It’s started! Tiny Tea Shop online store opening.

Please bear with me. It’s a constant growth-in-progress, not unlike the shop front in Nannup. This first launch includes about 12 different teas – the most popular ones and all current Tiny Tea Shop’s house blends. If your favourite tea or blend isn’t available in the store yet, I’d appreciate your patience as more teas will continue to be loaded up very soon. Meanwhile you may still contact me via email directly and I will organise your custom order. 

What will you get with this online store? Hassle free browsing, purchasing and delivery, from your armchair while you sip on your cup of tea. Monthly tea blogs to educate and introduce you to more teas, and anything to do with teas. Special features or offers that will only be available to my online customers. 

What’s coming? 

All, if not more, premium grade loose leaf teas as in the Nannup teashop, to be available for your online purchasing convenience. Also some tea wares and stuff that go with teas. Gift packs, featured teas, Tea lovers’ Club, and lots more to come –  let’s go Tea Mania! let’s see where it flows. 

So enjoy with me, if you can’t afford the convenience or opportunity to visit Tiny Tea Shop in Nannup as regularly as you’ll like, you won’t be missing out. The online store is created just for you. Now, relax and browse through this site and the store. Don’t forget, claim your 10% Discount Code off the total of your first order, by entering your email on Tiny Mail List on any page. Your feedback is always welcomed in the Comments box below, as my aim is to constantly improve your online experience with Tiny Tea Shop. Happy shopping! and thank you for continuing to connect with me!

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