Yerba Mate known as “Tea of the Gods”

A wonderful start to the year, packed with changes and new beginnings for many people I know, myself included. Many new seeds have been planted and this year marks the ploughing and labouring of all those sowed seeds to grow into blossoming new creations and visions.

This is year I will be bringing you a feature on a particular tea each month, and the aim, to also eventually increase the range of teas and blends. It’s hoped that the knowledge into the properties and benefits of different teas will help you continue to make your art of drinking tea, the noble herb, a part of your health and wellness pleasures.

This month the first tea on the rank is the amazing Yerba Mate “Tea of the Gods”. Yerba mate is a tea that has been known to offer the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate“. An amazing all-rounder magical tea from South America packed with vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and amino acids, it contains less caffeine than coffee so doesn’t cause the jittery highs, but as a gentle stimulant in the fulfilment as an immuno stimulant and digestion tonic.

Packed with the usual antioxidants, it’s also been known to help with weight loss and depression or fatigue. However any therapeutic claims or effects of teas are only complementary to an already healthy lifestyle.

At Tuwawi Tea we’ve blended Yerba Mate into the Fortitude and Restoration Blend for added synergistic power. Fortitude Blend is excellent for times when you need to focus, to hold it together and expend all your energies into getting the deadline met, projects accomplished and exams pushed through. Restoration Blend is a popular favourite among tea lovers, as it restores and replenishes life’s normal wear and tear. Even more with added stresses of life’s curve balls.

Fortitude‘s blend of organic Black Mentha with Yerba Mate centres the breath as the anchor that holds through the storm, while the African Red Rooibos rich in polyphenols provide the therapeutic strength for the immune system to stay empowered through testing times.

Restoration‘s blend of organic Chai with all its warm and fiery spices, along with African Red Rooibos’ immune strengthening properties replenishes and refills the body, mind and spirit that’s drained and running on empty. Which is often us more than not.

Traditionally in native South America Yerba Mate is drunk through brewing it in a gourd, then mixed properly and carefully and drunk through a native straw called a bombilla. It’s benefits have been expounded and handed down since ancient times. Now in modern days, it’s widely enjoyed in the United States and many countries in the Middle East.

Drinking Yerba Mate just by itself in its pure tea form may be an acquired taste for some, but in a synergistic blend, its flavours and therapeutic properties are further tripled  and quadrupled in effects.

So if you haven’t explored this tea either by itself, or in a delicious blend, now is the time to introduce it to your tastebuds and enjoy its exhilarating effects.

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Disclaimer: Tuwawi Tea does not claim or guarantee curative effects of tea blends. Teas are powerful herbs but only a complement to your health as part of your overall healthy lifestyle.


Ever had a Tea Bath for Rejuvenation?

Have you ever had a tea bath for rejuvenation?!

Cleopatra was renowned for having milk baths…

Well, you may have a milk bath too if you wish, but I highly recommend a Tea bath! Tea leaves brewed into a bathful of antioxidants along with other therapeutic goodness of epsom salts and essential oils.
What better than a relaxing nice long soak in a hot bath on a cold winter night (for us it’s winter right now down under) or if it’s summer where you are, fill your bath up with cool water. Then lie back, breathe in the aromas of pure essential oils as they soak into your pores while you chill out and sip on a fresh cup of tea as well!

Mind you, this isn’t limited to just us women-folk, you men-folk fully deserve a rejuvenating bath as well. Or better still, if you’ve got an intimate loved one, soak together for a romantic night.
When was the last time you nurtured yourself?

I’ve had a pretty busy and hectic few months, from major upheavals in my personal life and in recent weeks, the throes of sorting, packing, running around, plus working as usual. Then some added new ventured activities like taiko drumming (Japanese art of taiko) and the return to some martial arts training again (to brush up my old muscle memory in this art) ended me up quite stiff and sore the last couple of days.

In the course of my sorting, I found a bath bomb that my son had gifted me last Christmas, and then a blueberry and acai facemask that my daughter had gifted me on my birthday. It’s the weekend, my muscles are exhausted, stiff and sore, it’s a cold winter night. Ha! perfect it’s calling out “Bath time!” I haven’t had a bath for ages, so I put the kettle on to brew some tea, and started to run the bath. Lit some tealight candles and placed them around the bath tub.

I plastered the facemask on my face, scattered into the bath a packet of epsom salt with sage and wintergreen leaves I’d picked up from Canada over a year ago, poured in another 30 drops of pure essential oil blend of cedarwood, frankincense and ylang ylang. Then I poured some tea from my teapot into a cup as my drink and the rest of the tea into the bath. Hopped into the bath and dropped in the fizzy bath bomb for the final fun. It was…  divinely amazing… to say the least!
(I used Elation Blend for this brew of tea)

Epsom salt is packed with magnesium which relaxes your muscles, also excellent for sore muscles. Plus while you’re lying there breathing, sipping your fresh tea in between, you can also do some self-massage. Rest one foot up on the other thigh and massage each foot. Then lift one leg up at a time and stroke your fingers down the backs of your legs firmly, rub them toward your hip to promote return of venous blood back to the heart.

Essential oils will soak beautifully through the pores to moisturise and nourish your skin. Pick any oils of your choice, and you can create a blend to suit your current state of mind and body. I picked Cedarwood because I love woody earthy essences plus Cedarwood and Frankincense are both excellent for promoting deep and calming breath. Frankincense also cleanses negativity and protects. Then a few drops (only a few because it’s a very powerful and strong oil) of Ylang Ylang (a tropical flower). Ylang Ylang is a sensual oil to help nourish and nurture the intimate part of self.

Soak for as long as you wish, scrub down your back with a gentle loofah or body brush, lie back on a bath pillow and close your eyes. When you’ve had enough, hop out and dab your skin gently with a soft towel, to allow the film of the lovely bath concoction to dry and soak into your skin.


After my 40 minute soak, self-massage, and tea drinking, I hopped out of my bath, dried, dressed, pulled off my facemask and waltzed over to my yoga mat. There I spent another hour ironing out all my kinks from the week, months and day. When I finished, it felt a million dollars! All my aches and pains, twinges and stiffness were all gone. Restored! So now I’m typing this up as I sip on more tea, to share this wondrous feeling of wellbeing, before I slowly ease myself into bed and retire for the night.

I will miss having a bath when I move into my mobile home, but I shall dream and plan to, someday build myself a beautiful outdoor wooden solar bath tub, perhaps!

So if you haven’t tried a tea bath, or if like me, it’s been awhile and you truly need and deserve a bath, go try this tea bath for rejuvenation! Don’t forget the candles! They add to the ambience, turn the big lights off and relax in the glow of candlelight. If you like music, add that too. I prefer silence sometimes. Enjoy! and please share your experience in the comments section below. Or if you have any added tips and ideas, would love to hear them too.

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Until next time, Happy Bathing and drinking tea!

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