Happy Mother’s Day! 2017

Happy Mother’s Day! 2017 another year…

To all you beautiful mums, mums-to-be, grandmums…

We may be a mother to our own biological children or we may be a mother to many many children who are not biologically from us… the unconditional love and role of a mother is the greatest gift. It’s the biggest heart opening, evolution and growth as a human being. It is also the most naturally demanding, giving and self-sacrificing love.

To continue to give, care and nurture without depletion as a mother (you are still human remember) always know when to pause, nurture and replenish your self first. The fuller you are, the more you have to give. Simple things like time-out, a bath, a sleep-in, a quiet cup of tea… does wonders. Sometimes you have to make an effort or even force yourself to allow some compassionate and restorative time for your self, no matter how impossible it may seem.

This Mother’s Day is a very emotional time for me. Having recently been through some traumatic relationship experiences (hence learnings and growth) which saw me quite fragile and shaken up (as we naturally do, it’s only human) now my youngest of three is moving out of home, ready to spread her wings into her own worldly adventures. My world is changing unbelievably.

As all mothers know, when your child (who has grown into a beautiful adult) leaves home, it’s like a piece of you goes. Yet It’s a happy sadness, deep happiness for the letting go of what never belonged to you in the first place, yet is a part of you. Happiness in celebration of the next phases of their lives. Yet sadness at the realisation of how brief and precious life and childhood breezes past in the scheme of time. Memories of their gurgles, laughter, sparkles of childhood innocence opening into adult butterfly wings of unlimited possibilities. Yet you continue and remain as still a big part of them and vice versa, just  both entering into new chapters of life.

What a gift… to be a mother… as a mother…the gift of being able to be a part of such a profound experience. One of the most ultimate aliveness as a human being!

So this Mother’s Day as you soak in the joys and beauty of motherhood, may you reflect and treasure…
as you sip on your cup of tea, coffee or wine….
the gift that you are to life!

A mother’s unconditional love is the soil and roots that shapes the beautiful human in your child. While we may not be perfect (as human as any other) as long as we love, that is all.

Restoration Blend, Elation Blend perfect for mums as it replenishes your mind, body and spirit.

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