Ever tried Pottery?

A reconstructed post from an oldie 26/05/2016:

I’ve always loved working with my bare hands, anything from gardening with earth through my fingers to hand painting with acrylics. This probably played a huge part in flowing me into working as a deep tissue remedial therapist for the last 15 years, as I love manipulating muscles and soft tissues under my hands to release tension and relieve pains.

potterywheelThis year I started exploring into something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time, Pottery. If you have done pottery or are an experienced potter yourself, you’ll know that it’s a skill and art that can take years to master… and perhaps a lifelong journey.

So without any expectations nor demands, I set out simply to enjoy myself and have fun, like all other things in life! I experienced challenges from frustrations when the blob of clay flew off the wheel on the first day, to the joys when a teacup was moulded out of the mound of soft clay. As any potter will tell you, the key is in centering the clay on the wheel, just like life, the quiescence that pervades regardless of how fast the wheel turns and whatever shape takes form.

So here I’ll like to share all the photos of my pottery which have aptly come to be called Crooked Creations partly because to date, my skill in getting the pottery piece symmetrical is still a challenging event! and partly because I actually do delight in creating non symmetrical, slightly or hugely imperfect pieces as it reflects the nature of us, the perfectly imperfect nature of our humanness.

I endeavour to give some of these pottery pieces away either as gifts to friends and family, or as giveaways here at Tuwawi, to you beautiful passionate tea drinkers. Each piece is an individual piece made with love as much as my pottery skills are not at professional level by any means. Who knows? while being a practical piece for now it may and could become a priceless possession when I become super skilled and well-known one day!

When working with pottery I usually get so engrossed I rarely stop for a drink or rest until a lump of clay is off the wheel or finished in its moulding. Then when I’ve sort of finished one or two pieces I love sitting back and sipping on a freshly made cup of Restoration Blend or Elation Blend┬ábefore I feel energised again for another round.

What better than to brew and then drink your favourite blend of Tuwawi Tea out of your own handmade teapot and cups!!


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