Nannup Forest Fresh – House Blend 1

Tea lover: Where do you get all your teas from?

Me: Teas come from where they’re grown. Generally most black teas come from India, Sri Lanka, Darjeeling, some from China. Green teas from China and Japan. Rooibos and Honeybush from South Africa, Yerba mate from South America. Herbs from everywhere, as long as they’re certified organic or pesticide free.

Tea lover: Do you import them all?

Me: No. I have suppliers with proper licenses who take care of that, some teas are also grown in Australia but they need to be regulated. I don’t and can’t retail teas and herbs from my backyard, or my friends’ backyards, because they need to be approved for public food consumption. The only teas here that I deal direct with the farmers are the local teas, Southern Forest Green Sencha and Southern Forest Lemon Myrtle. I have also blended these two super fresh local produce into a stunning refreshing and uplifting blend which I’ve named Nannup Forest Fresh, because it simply smells like our southwest forest, and embodies the calmness of nature in this part of our world.

Tea lover: So what is this Nannup Forest Fresh? What is this green Sencha and Lemon Myrtle blend?

Tea lover: What is Sencha?

Me: Sencha is green tea, that has been processed the Japanese way. Green teas are non oxidised teas as opposed to oxidised teas like the blacks (both greens and blacks are leaves from the same species, the Camelia sinensis). To prevent oxidation, the Japanese tend to steam the leaves, producing a flatter, glossier texture, and smooth brew with grassy notes. The Chinese tend to pan fry (dry) or oven dry their leaves to prevent the oxidation. For these reasons the greens are higher in antioxidants than black teas. Also for these reasons, green teas are more delicate hence should be brewed using off-boiled water only (70-80’C). Lemon myrtle is a native Australian plant (Backhousia citriodora) with a sweet and fresh lemon scented aroma rich with beneficial health properties.

Tea lover: So this local blend is grown and processed here? The Lemon Myrtle too?

Me: Yes. Ron and Maria Kemp own and run the tea farm in Northcliff and Sarah and Simon Green own and run the Southern Forest Honey in Nannup, but they also grow Lemon Myrtle. Both are licensed producers.

Tea lover: Can I purchase the Sencha and Lemon myrtle individually?

Me: You most certainly can.

Tea lover: Oh but the Nannup Forest Fresh blend smells so divine!

Me: Yes it does. Tastes divine too! That’s the purpose of blending. Blending produces a more powerful effect, both in flavours, textures and properties. Not all single teas can or should be blended. Some, it would be criminal to blend them. Some however, complement each other in a  blend. This blend has the refreshing and uplifting Lemon Myrtle that’s excellent for your immune, respiratory and nervous system, along with the antioxidant packed super fresh Sencha straight from the local fields.

So beautiful tea lovers, if you still haven’t tried it, this month’s Featured Tea blend, Nannup Forest Fresh, is one of our best sellers. They can’t come any fresher than this. When I receive them from the farmers, often it’s literally like they’ve just been picked and dried. The aroma of freshness that wafts out of the bags as I open them and then blend them, makes me feel so fortunate to live in this beautiful region.

How to brew this blend: Brew at about 70-80’C  (or let boiled water in the kettle sit to cool for about 2mins) before pouring into your teapot or mug.

Steep time: Green Sencha is best enjoyed with shorter steep time and more rounds. Experience the tea developing itself in flavour, texture, colour, notes and aroma. Never let any brew of green tea or sencha sit in a teapot for hours. Boiling water and over brewing will scorch and burn the delicate leaves and suck all the tannins out, making it bitter. Maximum steep time should only be about 2mins. If you’re brewing the Eastern way (gongfu style) use smaller teapot and cups, brew up to 8 rounds with only 10-20 seconds steep time for each round.

When is it best to drink this tea: Green sencha contains caffeine as much as it’s packed with antioxidants, so if you’re hypersensitive to caffeine, avoid during the latter part of the day. Otherwise this blend can be drunk anytime , anywhere. It’s uplifting so in the morning, it’ll help you begin your day with a smile and a skip. Or at mid day when you need a little lift, or in the evening (if you’re not sensitive to caffeine) when you need a little lift after a wearing day.

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Anti Anxiety Blend pot

Problems with sleeping or relaxing?

My youngest daughter, often wise beyond her age, had said to me once, “Aaah… it’s so simple Mum, a good sleep makes you feel like a million dollars”

Indeed! The best things in life are often free. It might sound very cliche, but a good night’s sleep, sunshine and fresh air can often change our perspective in life. Big, seemingly unsurmountable mountains of worries, tension and anxiety becomes less of a mountain and at times, even diminishes into a shrug.

Problems with Sleep and Relaxing

Do you have problems with sleeping and relaxing? 
Do you function on overdrive or are edgy all the time?
Do your eyes ping open at 3am and your mind races at a hundred miles?
Do you wake up tired and exhausted in the mornings?

Eastern Wisdom of Tea and Life

The fact is, we live in an anxious world. Our pace of life these days isn’t as it used to be, even just a decade ago. Statistics are showing that at least 1 in 5 people live in a constant state of anxiety or stress in our Western world today.

There’s an Eastern wisdom of Wu Wei which reminds us of the art of non-doing. It doesn’t mean being lazy nor passive but simply allowing and being. Trusting life’s own process. Stop, pause, breathe…

Water that’s murky and turbulent will eventually settle. Once the currents have slowed, the sediments settle to the bottom. The water naturally becomes clearer, and clarity reveals itself. You will have more energies to get stuff done and the mind will be clearer for solutions to arise. A good night’s sleep might just break the vicious cycle of murky turbulence and get you back on track.

Simply the ritual of making and drinking tea allows the parasympathetic relaxation response to kick into your system. Added to that, the naturally occurring theanine compound in tea starts to add all sorts of health benefits to your mind and body.

Hence, it led to my creating the Tiny Tea Shop’s Houseblend 5 Anti Anxiety Blend or as some customers have nicknamed it, the Chill Out Blend! Though it wasn’t meant to knock you out totally but simply to help bring you down gently from a hyper, over activated state, some customers have reported that the blend does knock them out for a good night’s deep sleep. So it doubles as an excellent sleep tea blend as well, if you’re already quite exhausted!

What’s in the Blend?

Beautiful Chamomile blossoms are packed with flavonoids and polyphenols which provides extensive medicinal antiinflammatory and antioxidative properties to aid various imbalances, but in this blend it’s sedative effect is powerful in helping calm the nervous system.

Synergistically blended with another powerful plant called Tulsi (aka Tulasi, Sacred Basil or Vrinda) from the Himalayas, it multiplies the calming and relaxing effect for your mind and body. Tulsi has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine for the healing of all sorts of ailments, known as The Mother of Herbs, but also now getting known as one of the most powerful anti-stress herbs or adaptogen. It’s a powerful immune stimulant and cortisol balancer that adapts to your physical, mental, emotional and environmental stresses but also helps to repair the damages caused by these various stresses.

The entire blend is then balanced out in texture, flavour and notes with the added antioxidative and tonifying effect with a glaze of Flat Oolong.

The result is a delicious blend as an evening tea as you unwind from the day, or to help break the stress cycle, and nurture you into a better night’s sleep. The entire blend is certified organic.

Try it out for yourself and let us know in the comments below how you go.
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Disclaimer: Tiny Tea Shop teas and tea blends are curated for recreational consumption and as a healthy complement to your lifestyle. It’s not meant as a cure. If you suffer from chronic sleep disorders, anxiety or other health issues, please consult your qualified health and medical physician. Our teas are not meant as a replacement but a complement.


Have you ever had a Tea Bath for health?

Have you ever had a tea bath for health and rejuvenation?!

Cleopatra was renowned for having milk baths…

Well, you may have a milk bath too if you wish, but I highly recommend a Tea bath! Tea leaves brewed into a bathful of antioxidants along with other therapeutic goodness of epsom salts and essential oils.

What better than a relaxing nice long soak in a hot bath on a cold winter night (for us it’s winter right now down under) or if it’s summer where you are, fill your bath up with cool water. Then lie back, breathe in the aromas of pure essential oils as they soak into your pores while you chill out and sip on a fresh cup of tea as well! Add some soft music in the background and a few lit candles and you can’t help but relax into a world of bliss. 

Mind you, this isn’t limited to just us women-folk, you men-folk fully deserve a rejuvenating bath as well. Or better still, if you’ve got an intimate loved one, soak together for a romantic night.

When was the last time you nurtured yourself?

Any of Tiny Tea Shop’s teas can be brewed and added to the bath. Or place a generous handful onto a muslin cloth, and tie it up with a rope or string, then dunk it into the bath while you soak.

Or try some of Tiny Tea Shop’s artisan handmade soap and shampoo bars, made from our very own blends, with pure essential oils and all natural ingredients. They work beautifully for both your body and hair, without the need for conditioners. While you nurture your skin and hair, Mother Nature will thank you for eliminating the use of plastic bottles and containers.

Soak in a bath while you sip on your favourite tea or try showering with a tea soap and shampoo bar, and let me know what you think!


Tiny Tea Shop Online Store Opening

Heya beautiful tea lovers! It’s finally here, the long awaited Tiny Tea Shop Online Store opening! Welcome! 

Tiny Tea Shop evolved from my original online store Tuwawi Tea, which I created two years prior to opening this teashop in Nannup. It is now a quaint, one-of-a-kind, stone cottage shopfront in a small beautiful country town in the southwest of WA. Nannup is a Noongar Aboriginal word meaning stopping place, meeting place, place of parrots. A perfect fit! 

Since opening it’s doors on the 8th June 2018, it has been slowly but consistently growing in strength and popularity, simply because real tea lovers and tea drinkers yearn for a quality and signature loose leaf tea shop. Tiny Tea Shop is that haven created for you, a true tea lover!

Why an Online Store? 

Hundreds and thousands of tea lovers like yourself, that have been to my little teashop in Nannup from various parts of the state, interstate and the world have asked: “How can we get more of your teas, if we can’t physically drive across to you?  Can you come to our city and open a shop like this?” 

Thank you! It’s awesome that you love the shop and the teas. I can’t afford to open a shop in every town but with the brilliance of modern technology, I can create an online store so that with just a few clicks, your favourite teas and blends can get delivered right to your door step. 

A digital store involves just as much work as running a brick and mortar shop front but we finally did it! It’s on, it’s live. It’s started! Tiny Tea Shop online store opening.

Please bear with me. It’s a constant growth-in-progress, not unlike the shop front in Nannup. This first launch includes about 12 different teas – the most popular ones and all current Tiny Tea Shop’s house blends. If your favourite tea or blend isn’t available in the store yet, I’d appreciate your patience as more teas will continue to be loaded up very soon. Meanwhile you may still contact me via email directly and I will organise your custom order. 

What will you get with this online store? Hassle free browsing, purchasing and delivery, from your armchair while you sip on your cup of tea. Monthly tea blogs to educate and introduce you to more teas, and anything to do with teas. Special features or offers that will only be available to my online customers. 

What’s coming? 

All, if not more, premium grade loose leaf teas as in the Nannup teashop, to be available for your online purchasing convenience. Also some tea wares and stuff that go with teas. Gift packs, featured teas, Tea lovers’ Club, and lots more to come –  let’s go Tea Mania! let’s see where it flows. 

So enjoy with me, if you can’t afford the convenience or opportunity to visit Tiny Tea Shop in Nannup as regularly as you’ll like, you won’t be missing out. The online store is created just for you. Now, relax and browse through this site and the store. Don’t forget, claim your 10% Discount Code off the total of your first order, by entering your email on Tiny Mail List on any page. Your feedback is always welcomed in the Comments box below, as my aim is to constantly improve your online experience with Tiny Tea Shop. Happy shopping! and thank you for continuing to connect with me!