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Are you emotionally intelligent?

If you’ve been connecting with me or following my posts and teas for awhile, you’ll know why I passionately created a range of tea blends specifically to complement your beautiful emotions. 

A natural result from all the healing work I do with my beautiful clients and also through my own personal life journey, I’ve come to find that 95% of our root anguish and blockages as a human being is emotional. None of us are exempted from being casualties in life. Life is laden with knocks, bruises and sometimes deep lacerated wounds. It is through healing and coming through storms that each cell and muscle of strength and wisdom grows and blossoms.

Are you emotionally intelligent?

Emotion is a word we give to describe sensations and feelings perceived through our minds and bodies. You’re fully aware of this as it’s the greatest gift as a human being, the ability to feel as all range of sensations and simultaneously perceive or describe it. Animals feel as sensations too but haven’t evolved the ability to simultaneously describe it. This may be an advantage or disadvantage, it depends.

Without description, the vicious cycle of mind-body loop is absent hence only primal instincts of survival and reproduction comes into play. All living beings will naturally gravitate toward what feels good and avoid what feels bad. Sensations are no different. When you feel heaviness and pain in the chest, head or stomach, clenching and tension in your muscles, nausea, constricted breath… you will naturally want to resist (fight) or run (flight).

So when you feel happy, excited, joyful, in love… your system floods with seratonins and endorphins,
you naturally welcome and indulge in those sensations.
When you feel sad, devastated, in grief…
it hurts in every single cell of your body, you naturally resist, deny or suppress.

So what’s emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence happens when you are aware, simple as that.
With and as awareness, changes happen, shifts occur, emotional energies release and move, wounds heal, brain rewires, beliefs fall. Space, lightness and new emerges…

Hence an emotionally intelligent awareness (you) flows as the sensations themselves, free of judgement of good or bad. However it may be sensed and perceived in the body, the sensations ride its course until it flows on, or dissipates into nothing. The energetic charge then diffuses. What do I mean by these words? Simply that emotions are pure energies, just like a raging thunder lightning storm. A storm does its thing then passes and gone.

During turbulent emotional states, it can be very unnerving and tumultuous. This may cause you to deny and resist by trying to escape for example with mind altering substances like alcohol, drugs or busy activities… just so you don’t have to feel that pain or face that fear. These may work for awhile, or even for years, as may happen with many of us in the suppression and denial of all our childhood emotional wounds.

However all energies are contained and housed in the body if they’re not processed through. Hence it brews and stews (yes, like teas and soups) and in some of us into a concoction of bitterness and hate. Deep seated anger or fears can lead to chronic dysfunctional behaviours like violence or anxiety, at the random activation of any of its related triggers. Then the all-hell-breaks-lose kind of outbursts are projected onto others who may or may not have anything to do with the cascades of pain and fears. Or it may lead to a total mental breakdown or worse, a fatal illness.

Psycho-energetic lingo aside, basically emotional intelligence is your awareness of the naturalness and beauty of being human. The feeling and processing through all your range of human emotional sensations as you are held in your own compassionate space. The mind will naturally label the sensations and automatically desire what it seems to like and avoid what it seems to not like. Nevertheless all sensations are allowed and honoured.

What I find works powerfully for me is to return to the breath. Breath is neutral, breath is life. By anchoring my awareness as breath alone, just the sounds and sensations of the breath, all other sensations takes its own course until it runs out of steam, however turbulent they may be. Interestingly enough, once it’s processed through, space and lightness results, and amazingly clarity and insight reveals. We don’t even have to try at all. It all happens by itself, almost effortlessly.

Okay so now let’s put the kettle on…
and whatever emotional state you are in currently, let’s just breathe…
as we sip on our favourite blend of tea aahhh…


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