Created by Patsie Smith, a passionate tea lover and curator who has been working for many years in the area of natural health and healing, the Tiny Tea Shop embodies a dynamic space for you to nurture your heart and soul.
Tiny Tea Shop is a unique loose leaf tea specialist shop that stocks over 60 different varieties of single loose leaf teas and tea blends. All teas are premium grade, pesticide free and also includes a range that are certified organic.

Teas may be enjoyed in its relaxing little heritage cottage, brewed to perfection, complemented with local and home made cakes, slices, chocolates, etc. Teas may be purchased by weight using your own containers or our fully compostable earthbags, in line with our earth friendly values.

A dynamic space that allows you to stop and enjoy the experience and art of drinking tea. A meeting place for many locals and visitors, over a special event, tea ceremonies, creative workshop or just a casual meetup.

Tiny Tea Shop is also the home of the original range of signature emotional blends Tuwawi Tea.
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