I’m Patsie Smith, the owner and creator of Tiny Tea Shop, and totally passionate about life, health and wellness, and teas!
Previously, I practised as a qualified remedial therapist in the natural health industry for about 20 years. Self-healing myself from various ailments using natural means and helping clients complement their health and wellness regime was my predominant passion, apart from being a mum to three beautiful children. Currently teaching yoga to beautiful yogis in my small little country town is still part of my weekly pleasures.

Teas have always been a part of my life from a very young age. The passion of drinking teas has led into self-learning, exploring and researching into all types of teas, its processes and benefits. Then curating and blending them.

Life is fun and flow.
My days are also filled with creative passions of painting, drawing, pottery, poetry writing, yoga...or exploring and experiencing nature. I love travelling the world and exploring mountains, forests, oceans and deserts, but I also love connecting with beautiful people in bustling marketplaces and fascinating cities.

As such it has led into the original creation of an online tea store two years ago called Tuwawi Tea where I created six signature blends for human emotions, plus four other standard blends. Now in July 2018, Tuwawi Tea has evolved into a little shopfront in a stunning town of Nannup in the southwest of Western Australia. Catering to tea lovers in the local areas, surrounding regions and travelling visitors, it is already establishing itself as a unique, one-of-its-kind loose leaf tea shop.

At Tiny Tea Shop I personally spend hours, days and months blending and sourcing teas in order to bring you the most flavoursome and enriched infusions. They aim to satisfy and exhilarate your discerning palate, while complementing your health and wellbeing.

May you share with me in my passion and pleasures with beautiful teas!

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